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Educational Research Methods Annotated Bibliography 8-10

Article 8: Wynn, C. T., Mosholder, R. S., & Larsen, C. A. (2016). Promoting post-formal thinking in a u.s. history survey course: A problem-based approach. Journal of College Teaching & Learning, 13(1), 1–20. This article is the result of a study on problem-based learning for a college-level U.S. history class. The purpose of the study was to develop an instructional… Read more →

Educational Research Methods Annotated Bib 6-7

Article 6: Brush, T., & Saye, J. (2014). An instructional model to support problem-based historical inquiry: The persistent issues in history network. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning, 8(1), 39–50. This study researched how well pre-service teachers were able to recognize and implement problem-based historical inquiry, or PBHI, into their own pedagogical thinking and into their practicums and student teaching… Read more →

Educational Research Methods Annotated Bibliography 4-5

Article 4: Gerwin, D. (2014). What lies beyond the bubble? Trying out one of the stanford history education group’s new history assessments. Social Studies, 105(6), 266–273. This study was about trying a new social studies testing method that does more than just recall historical facts, but engages historical thinking. The researchers had a group of graduate students who received… Read more →

Educational Research Methods Annotated Bibliography 1-3

Article 1: Buckles, S., Schug, M. C., & Watts, M. (2001). A national survey of state assessment practices in the social studies. Social Studies, 92(4), 141. Retrieved from site=ehost-live This article is a quantitative study on social studies assessment practices of different states in America. The researchers interviewed a representative from each state and the District of Columbia. The purpose… Read more →